As New Englanders, we’re no strangers to the four seasons so while those accustomed to more consistent weather, homeowners in the northeast must take the climate changes into consideration when managing their home.

Air conditioning falls into this category and should cross your mind when you’re winterizing your home although there is no perfect answer to the question: do I need an air conditioning cover?

Some argue that they are designed and built to be outdoors 24/7/365 so protection isn’t necessary. Others say using a cover will lengthen the life of the unit and lower the chance of repairs when the snow melts especially after a severe winter. However, with the latter comes the risk that you are making a perfect habitat for critters seeking warmth that may be tempted to nosh on your wires. Without any real evidence and the service industry giving split decision, there is a good in between solution with top air conditioner covers. These products cover the top to prevent snow, ice, leaves, and other debris without encasing the whole unit.

Here’s a great company that is affordable and for $20-35 depending on size, a quick click will help you protect your mechanism and take it off your worry list no matter what the winter brings.