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*this is an example of a listing I had on 21 Whalen Road in Hopkinton, marketing that produced multiple offers and created a bidding war between buyers


A listing agent represents the best interests of the Seller in a transaction, acting as their advocate through the entire process.  They provide an objective perspective relative to what buyers are looking for using experience, expertise, and research.


  • I’m a proven entrepreneur.
  • I manage my own business with complete control over marketing and strategy. This allows me to create the most effective and comprehensive approach specific to selling your house.
  • I work for you, not for a corporation. This is my career, not my part time job.
  • I ensure potential buyers have a complete understanding of the special features of your home.
  • I do what others won’t – review listings daily to keep informed on competition and use multiple marketing platforms to reach the greatest pool of buyers.

My goal is to get you to reach yours by:

  • Providing a complete market analysis to establish true market value.
  • Positioning your property to be attractive to buyers.
  • Creating a marketing plan that will produce results.
  • Maximizing exposure.
  • Negotiating the best possible terms for your sale.

Empowering you to make confident decisions, communicating through the entire process, and guiding you while protecting your interests as a seller – this is my promise to you.



1. It’s too expensive. Real estate agents are experts in real estate transactions with access to the most recent data on market conditions, property values, and comparative sales. With this experience, sellers have a much better chance of selling their home at the highest market value in the shortest time. Like any professional service, this expertise is not free but, at the end of the transaction, you’ll be happy to have had that advocate.

2. The agent will want to list too low. A comparative market analysis is vital in order to establish a value for your home. I evaluate all aspects of the market by looking at currently listed properties, solds, and those under agreement. That data will determine the price but, bottom line, the final decision is yours and the price will be one with which you are comfortable.

3. The agent is only interested in a commission. I represent YOU, the seller. I owe you my undivided loyalty and endeavor to protect your best interest. I am transparent, honest, and open with my clients. I communicate market trends, new listings, and data to clients so they feel educated and empowered when making decisions. For me, it is about the relationship, not the transaction. I act in the best interest of the client’s financial and familial needs, even if it costs the deal.

4. I can do it on my own. Would you let anyone but your doctor work on your health care or your accountant on your taxes? It is in your best interest to have a professional acting as your advocate through the entire process, communicating with all the players in the transaction on your behalf, working for you, to get you from start to finish. As a full time agent, I can achieve the best possible outreach for your property and be available for open houses and showings. Without these considerable resources your home may not get promoted, noticed, and sold.

5. The agent might not be competent. I align myself with RE/MAX because it is a leader in the real estate industry. The training provided to agents along with ongoing education is what separates RE/MAX agents as experts in their fields—people who know how to meet Seller’s goals and provide solutions.